Scope of Work

Here is the nitty gritty of what I know, without the fluff.
Consider  this my “digital resume”.
Online Platforms

Web Development

Website design & Creation

Online presence is essential in the current market. I build websites for small to mid sized business, ranging from brand awareness to e-commerce websites. My main content management system of choice is WordPress, but I have also worked with Shopify, Wix, and Kajabi. Part of my career has been spent as a teachers assistant and tutor for introductory coding classes.  

Search Engine Optomization (SEO)

Want to bump your ranking up on Google? SEO can become a complex fixation for many businesses, and understandable so. This can be a daunting task but with the correct research, tools, and implementation strategy your website can become easier to find and rank much higher. I was an intern for eight months and  this was my primary focus during that time.

Graphic Design

Branding & Creative

Logo Design & Branding​

The most important part of any business is their logo. Creating a strong visual connection with your business that makes you more memorable. From there we expand into the full brand package, including a collection of digital and physical assets. I have a strong understanding of the Adobe Creative Suite which I use to create design material. 

Physical Items

Print Design

Printed materials & Merchandise

There’s no better way to get someones attention than well branded physical assets. From business cards to branded clothing you can advertise yourself in so many unique ways. Let me help take you from the design process directly to my trusted print shop to get your brand materials printed properly for the best price. 

Promote it!



Grow your business with appropriate advertising designed to reach your target audience. 

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