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Good design is not about what medium you're working in. It's thinking hard about what you want to do and what you have to work with BEFORE you start.

Susan Kare
My Specialties


Share your services with the world.

Want to tell the world about your product or service? I specialize in front-end web development using WordPress. I also utilize proper SEO tactics to maximize success.


Create an identity for your service.

Brands should tell a memorable story. Providing thoughtful logo design, some clever advertising, and additional marketing materials, I can give you a platform to take over the world. 

Print &

Because who doesn't love merchandise?

There’s nothing better than a crisp business card, pretty packaging, freshly printed clothing, and a stylish letterhead. 

Why Me

For the Love of the Job

Take over the digital platform

Simple, affordable strategies

Let’s focus on the best strategic opportunities that align with your goals.

Mesurable results

Analytics that proves it's working

Through the many analytic tools available we can show you exactly how you are growing. “Trust us” just doesn’t cut it, you want tangible results and we can deliver.  

The feel that it's all yours

Personalized ownership

You should feel like you’re one of a kind, but still doing everything your competitors are doing, plus a little extra 😉


Small Projects

About Us

Get to know me

I specialize in Graphic Design and Web Development

Every project has its own unique story to tell.

I studied at the Centre For Arts & Technology, graduating with a diploma in Graphic Design and Web Development. During that time I also took on an 8 month internship with a local digital marketing agency, where I specialized in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and logo design. I have continued to provide tutoring and TA services to the schools program.

Some of my previous work includes design and website creation with Untold Branding. I have also spent the majority of my career doing all things design with The Valens Company and their various brands. During these years I  have also been a freelance design and developer. 

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